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Thank you for coming to learn more.

Unapologetic Birth was born out of a fiery belief that every reproductive journey has equal validity, and is deserving of witness and wonder.

Whether pregnancy is yearned for but never comes.  Whether it comes right when it's desired. Whether it comes when it's not desired at all.  Whether it comes to someone who is coupled, or to someone solo.  Whether it goes smoothly, or really doesn't.  Whether it's all exactly what the books and grandmas told you to expect.  Or if (more likely) it brings a lot of surprises along the way.  Life inevitably brings joy and suffering, grief and celebration.


The vision is that you can rise to the occasion, whichever path is yours.  

The mission is to change the way we face our fertility, prepare for childbirth or adoption, and transition to life after pregnancy or adoption in a way that honors variety and transforms us into more capable, loving, compassionate people.

To be able to live and share our wild stories with abandon instead of apology.

To be able to welcome one another's experiences with non-judgement instead of apologetics.

Welcome.  I'm so glad you're here.

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